I garden in honor of my mother, whose name was Kate.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I have planted out 15 of the expected 25 peas.

These plants have started up taller than the other varieties, although planted at the same time.  Of the six I started, exactly 5 survived.

Organic Progressive:
All twelve of these that I started have survived.  I've planted 5, and may add more to the fifth box.

Black-seeded Early:
These aren't any earlier to grow; whether they produce sooner remains to be seen.  Of the twelve I started, I have only seven and have planted 5.  I meant to have two complete boxes of them, but that isn't happening.

I haven't planted out the Veggie Tales Alaskas yet, but besides being older seeds which aren't germinating as well, I so far see no difference from the other Alaska peas.

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