I garden in honor of my mother, whose name was Kate.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Working out(side)

 So yesterday I planted the rest of the 25 pea plants:

The three far bins have the spinach planted.  I need to add radishes to that (which may get done today).

And Roy, with dreams of getting rich selling cherry tomatoes at the farmer's market, has built these planters.

They do look nice.  To even out the yard, we're moving my big cement block planter.  Of course, it should be already planted with carrots, beets and lettuce.  I hope to have it back together tomorrow.

Oh, and here are my tomato and pepper plants at this time:

None of the full-size peppers have grown.  But the new tomato and pepper seeds I started nine days ago were germinated and ready to put in the starter trays.  The tomatoes have leaves, the peppers just a root.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Keeping up

Yesterday I finished planting out the 25 peas, and direct-seeded spinach in front in three of the boxes.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Much to my surprise, the tomato seeds have germinated.  I have planted three each into the AeroGarden starter tray: Sweet 100s, yellow pear, red roma and yellow roma.  I intend to cultivate two each into the planters.  That's an awful lot of tomato plants, but none of the tomatoes are big, which we just really don't eat.

Well, none of the yellow pear had germinated.  I planted them anyway, and started new ones in case they didn't take.

I also started alfalfa seeds in the large square sprout tray.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I have planted out 15 of the expected 25 peas.

These plants have started up taller than the other varieties, although planted at the same time.  Of the six I started, exactly 5 survived.

Organic Progressive:
All twelve of these that I started have survived.  I've planted 5, and may add more to the fifth box.

Black-seeded Early:
These aren't any earlier to grow; whether they produce sooner remains to be seen.  Of the twelve I started, I have only seven and have planted 5.  I meant to have two complete boxes of them, but that isn't happening.

I haven't planted out the Veggie Tales Alaskas yet, but besides being older seeds which aren't germinating as well, I so far see no difference from the other Alaska peas.

Friday, April 4, 2014


Today I have put some of the peppers into the new AeroGarden seed starting tray - 8 baby peppers.  None of the full size ones have put out a root.  I planted all the babies, but there were a couple without roots.

And all four varieties of the peas are all planted into peat pots.  This is what they look like today.

Tomorrow I need to start tomatoes.  It's already about a week late; but I'm hopeful that my methods will get them going quickly.